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Les Touches has been playing together since October 2011, where they formed at the Jacobs School Early Music Institute at Indiana University. The ensemble’s core repertoire is chamber music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque period ranging from viol consorts to trio sonatas. They have performed concerts across the USA working with groups such as Texas Early Music Project and The South Dakota Chorale and continue to actively pursue collaboration with other musicians. They competed as one of 10 finalists in the York Young Artist International Competition in 2015 and performed at Boston Early Music Festival in 2013 and 2017. 

2014 marked the inaugural season of Les Touches in Texas and the start of a partnership with Viols of Houston with whom they have started outreach at Oak Ridge High School.  The joy they have found playing music together has compelled Les Touches to strive to share their passion for the viola da gamba and make this fascinating consort repertoire and chamber music accessible to their community in central and south east Texas.



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